Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DEI Dashboard

Our strategic mission is to foster a culture of innovation, diversity, equity, and inclusion. The UW School of Nursing Seattle campus DEI Dashboard is one area where we track our progress and can share this information publicly. The dashboard provides demographic information of applicants, admitted students, matriculated students, and graduates across academic degree programs.

You can view different aspects of student admissions, enrollment, and progression by clicking on the buttons labeled Applicants & Admission, Applicants over Time, Currently Enrolled, and Retention & Completion. And, you can further filter data output by admission action, degree program and track (if available), and sub-group. To protect the privacy of individuals, numbers <5 have been suppressed.

We acknowledge this DEI Dashboard does not encompass all of our school and may not display all of the information you might want to know about our student body, but we provide here data accessible to us. Please refer questions and suggestions to sondei@uw.edu.

For optimal viewing, please select the “Full Screen” option in the lower right corner of each dashboard: